How To Make Money Music Blogging

So, you want to stop your daily activity and start a tracking blog? Well, you likely should not. But simply in case, right here are five methods that you could earn profits jogging a music blog.


1. Display advertising

So, you have a spanking new internet site and the visits are starting to flow in. One of the primary matters most budding site owners do at this factor is trying to positioned ads on their web page.

There are popular types of online advertising and marketing:

CPC (Cost Per Click) — pays approximately $0.10 to $0.50 every time a person clicks on an advert
CPM (Cost Per Thousand) — will pay $0.10 to $10 consistent with 1,000 perspectives

No one willingly clicks on ads in recent times, so most oldsters end up looking to get a “CPM” setup. If you are large sufficient you are probably able to sell a campaign immediately to an advertiser. For example, you may say to Pepsi that you’ll sell them one hundred,000 ad impressions for $5 CPM = $500 total. Back in 2011-2013, the music blogging industry was ripe with advertisers willing to pay such sums, however, these days matters are a chunk one of a kind. On an internet site like Indie Shuffle, we’re fortunate if we are able to pull off a median of $0.50 in line with 1,000 views — we’re typically a great deal lower.

Then there may be the headache of a) implementing ads; b) selling all of them. Your great guess is to find a community or organization who desires to take that hard control job on for you. Chances are they may not really want to paintings with you until you are doing properly over 1 million ad impressions each month (remember that four commercials on 1 page = four advert impressions).

2. Advertorial

If display advertising and marketing is failing you, an advertorial is every other direction to go. This basically method backed content material. It’s a chunk of a slippery slope within the music enterprise — song bloggers generally frown on everybody who’s willing to accept cash to promote a song or artist. For the purists accessible it has to be first and foremost approximately the fine of the track, and accepting money to sway your opinion essentially means you don’t have much integrity.

There are other options along with Wavo, though my own non-public revel in becomes that it paid even worse than the aforementioned display advertising whilst taking over the area and distracting from my own content.

The holy grail? Convincing an emblem together with Sonos, Jack Daniels or Red Bull that your website can reach an audience that they want to reach. With an effective enough piece of written content material, you might be able to command anywhere between $one hundred and $2,000 in step with the piece. It’s been a long time due to the fact we’ve done something like that at Indie Shuffle, but I believe that if we really positioned the effort into discovering advertising and marketing partners we might be capable of wrangle one or two.

3. SubmitHub

Righto — your music weblog has grown, however, all of sudden anybody has your e-mail deal with. At first, it changed into cool, but now you’re getting 50+ emails an afternoon from budding artists/publicists/file labels who all want a characteristic for your website.

That’s why I made SubmitHub, a platform that makes it clean to control your submissions — and earn money for doing it at the identical time. Many of the blogs on there are making $500 – $1,000 in keeping with a month for putting in the effort and time to listen to new music despatched their manner. Getting to concentrate to the song whilst getting cash? Probably is going on the resume of many as a “dream task.” If you are trying to cross that path you may sign up right here.

That said, it comes with its drawbacks and there are lots of critics. More information right here.

4. Throw your own suggests

For a few brave souls out there website hosting events and stay shows end up blogging for money for beginners becoming far greater moneymaking than blogging every may want to. Why brave, you ask? Well, you need to a) e-book a venue; b) e book bands; c) get human beings to without a doubt display up; d) pay all of the people involved. And unluckily, the last component nearly usually comes before all the others so that you grow to be putting your personal money at the desk earlier than getting any lower back. It can be a volatile endeavor, however, for the brave few, it can end up a whole new profession.


An ideal example is a weblog All Things Go who now hosts an annual song competition in Washington, D.C.

5. Expand to different networks

These days more and more music manufacturers are setting out their own YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify channels. While the latter cannot generate any profits, the previous two can: YouTube from advertising and marketing and SoundCloud by using charging artists for reports. That stated, YouTube is turning into harder and harder to generate significant revenue from, and SoundCloud reporters are taken into consideration the blight at the song blogging industry (at least, it truly is my opinion).

In conclusion…

If you want to earn a dwelling track running a blog, it will be a lot tougher than you watched. You’re exceptional off drawing near it as a passion and component-time hobby learn how to blog beginners. Over time, who knows — it would grow into something larger than you could have imagined 🙂

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