Common Problems with the Apple iPhone 5s and their Fixes

Things Your iPhone Can Do that Universe Inform  You Didn’t Know
You have the latest iPhone, and you load it with apps. That’s usually what other people also tend to do. Well, have you thought of discovering the new iPhone features that will actually spice up your experience? Your phone can do a lot more than you think it can! There are inbuilt features on your phone that you are actually unaware of. It helps you to unfold the iPhone secrets.

Going through Problems with your iPhone?


All you need to do is to hold the lock button and home buttons concurrently for five seconds to hard reset the device. This could transfer off the smartphone completely and restart it. Your trouble is solved!
You could textual content, speak, use the digital camera, play video games, browse websites, and many others., with your iPhone. However, have you ever tried to study your phone thoroughly? By using have a look at I suggest, have you ever enabled/disabled some alternatives to see what occurs for your phone? Most of us have now not carried out this. We buy the telephone, down load all of the popular apps, and that is it — we stop there. However no app will assist you along with your typos while you are sending a crucial commercial enterprise letter. For enhancing in this and different factors, simple configurations are had to be made.

We have put together 15 such hidden capabilities so that you can use this marvel tool to its complete capability.

Matters iPhone Can Do

1 ★ AssistiveTouch

You can navigate via your phone with out pressing a button. Visit Settings → General → Accessibility → AssistiveTouch. Now, switch on this selection. You may get entry to the house display and the favorites By the usage of gestures.


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2 ★ Notification Indicators

Much like the phone, your iPhone will also notify you By way of blinking a LED. Visit Settings → Trendy → Accessibility → Activate the “LED Flash for Alerts” choice.

three ★ Faster Scrolling

while going via the playlist or studying anything online, you want to scroll plenty earlier than you attain to the pinnacle of the page. To make this technique easy, actually click on on the pinnacle Tab Bar in which the battery life, signal power, and time are displayed. It’ll mechanically take you to the pinnacle of the web page.

four ★ Take away Unused alternatives

The App Shop offers a number of local apps that aren’t used very regularly. You may hide these apps, and make manner for regularly used ones. Go to Settings → Standard → Regulations → Allow Restrictions → Input your password → switch off Toggle Keys. This may do the considered necessary.

five ★ Examine Receipts

Much like the emails, the iMessages which you ship can have an Examine receipt so you will know while the receiver has obtained the message. Visit Settings → Messages → Switch on “ship Examine Receipts”.

6 ★ Set Vibration Styles

If your telephone is continuously in the vibration mode, then there are chances that you could forget about important calls. Now, You can set different vibration Patterns for all your contacts so that you can apprehend the caller while not having to take a look at the display. Visit Settings → Sounds → Ringtone → Vibration → Create New Vibration. Set this newly created vibration for all essential contacts.

7 ★ Set Word Shortcuts

You may growth your typing speed Via including Phrase shortcuts. Visit Settings → Standard → Keyboard → Add New Shortcut → Write the Phrase and its shortcut. You can now Upload shortcuts for the often used phrases.

8 ★ Voice Memos

at the same time as you are using the c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a connection, You may ship a voice memo to a pal. All you need to do is to select the Voice Memo choice → New Voice Memo → Wi-fileWireless the Memo → click on proportion. Pick out the medium for sharing your memo.

9 ★ Audio in Mono

You may concentrate to your favorite tune in mono format to your iPhone By way of changing some settings. Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Activate the “Mono Audio” placing.

10 ★ realize Your Phrases

There are committed apps for knowing the that means, pronunciation, and utilization of Words within the iTunes Save. But, your phrase’s definition characteristic can do identical. Spotlight a single phrase you want statistics about, and click on on “Outline.” You will have the word’s pronunciation, its meaning, and the usage in conjunction with an example.

Be aware: You want to download the Dictionary app.

11 ★ Switching between Numbers and Alphabets

even as you are typing, the Most annoying component is to exchange to the numbers tab to type a digit after which switch again to type the text. All you want to do is to maintain the number key pressed, slide to the wide variety, and then allow cross off your finger; the variety may be typed, and It’s going to automatically switch to the alphabet option.

12 ★ Sync Calendar

You could sync your iPhone together with your PC calendar so that you don’t must consult with your PC for the one’s important dates. Plug your iPhone into the laptop, and select the “Sync Calendars” choice to regulate the calendar.

13 ★ click Snapshots together with your Headphones

You might have skilled that the photographs taken out of your iPhone are a chunk blurred. The solution to this is to use your headphones for clicking photographs. Begin the camera app, and whilst you are executed with the essential settings, You can click the middle button of the headphone. The photograph could be taken.

14 ★ Fb Information Replace

You can Replace the Fb information of your pals in their touch info. within the Fb app, you need to a faucet on “friends” after which click on the “Sync” choice. The statistics may be up to date mechanically.

15 ★ Launch Siri

There’s a less difficult way to Release Siri than preserving the house button. Visit Settings → Popular → Siri → select “Raise to talk”. Whenever you hold the smartphone near your ear, the mild sensor will feel the movement and Release Siri.

Commonplace Issues with the Apple iPhone 5s and their Wireless is
The Apple iPhone 5s is one of the Maximum advanced smartphones within the marketplace nowadays. It, But, comes with its very own set of troubles. This Buzzle article tells you about the Most Not unusual Problems with the iPhone 5s and their simple fixes.

Apple’s iPhone is now part of legend due to its trend-placing design, impeccable construct first-rate, superior hardware, and tremendous software program implementation. The modern in the line of the iPhone collection, the 5s, takes the legacy of its predecessors ahead without getting overshadowed Through their momentous achievements. In truth, the iPhone 5s sets the benchmark truly high for all upcoming Apple telephones and smartphones from different manufacturers. The smartphone reintroduced the long-lost fingerprint sensor to mobile telephones. Such has been its fulfillment that everyone producer have observed its lead and that they have plans to introduce the characteristic in their trendy flagships. Apple calls it ‘forward wondering’, and the cellphone sure brings in some fantastic capabilities and has set the tone for destiny fashions.

But this robust knight carrying a stunning aluminum shield isn’t always without chinks in its armor. The 5s has its own set of Problems, however, the proper information here is that Maximum of these can be constant rather easily. The others which can not be fixed at domestic will require a quick visit to the Apple Shop. Here is a observe some of the Maximum Common Problems with the iPhone 5s and their fixes.


Probable cause: software issues

Possible answer:
» hold your apps updated to work with iOS7.

» Do no longer depart apps strolling inside the history. Go out the app after which hit the home button.

» Flip off iCloud sync for iWork apps. Follow this path
Settings > iCloud > Wi-filesWireless & Data > Flip off Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

» If the Troubles persists, contact Apple customer support, or take your smartphone to an Apple iStore.

Contact Identification isn’t operating for iTunes purchases.

Likely purpose: software issues

Possible solution:
» Replace to the brand new firmware for your iPhone. Follow this path
Settings > Trendy > software Replace

My iPhone’s battery drains out fast./My iPhone tends to warmness up.

Probable reason: Faulty app/hardware problem

Feasible answer:
» the usage of iTunes, take a backup of your iPhone. Repair the Information. Install apps separately to single out the app that is probably causing the heating on your smartphone. You may also use apps like Gadget Interest Screen that will help you with this.

» If the hassle persists, contact Apple customer service, or take your phone to an Apple iStore.

My iPhone’s microphone isn’t always operating.

Possibly cause: hardware problems

Possible solution:
» Make certain the microphone is not protected Via any protecting movie or display screen shield.

» If the hassle is most effective with a positive app, make sure that the app in question has permission to use the microphone. Comply with this route to Make certain
Settings > Privateness > Microphone

» In case you are the usage of a case on your iPhone, attempt putting off it and use the microphone.

» If the Problems persists, contact Apple customer service, or take your cell phone to an Apple iStore.

My iPhone rattles on every occasion I shake it.

Possibly cause: hardware issues

Viable solution:
» Take the cell phone along to an Apple iStore. If your iPhone’s battery is free, the problem can be resolved without difficulty.

My iPhone’s sensors are not functioning well.

Probably reason: software/hardware troubles

Possible solution:
» Upgrade your iPhone to the today’s to be had firmware.

» Take your telephone along to an Apple iStore and feature it checked.

How to Turn On/Off Push Notifications on iOS

One of the characteristic features of a smartphone today is its tendency to notify users about events that occur within the scope of the various installed apps. Albeit handy in most cases, there are many reasons why one may want to disable these push notifications, right from ads demanding that you download unwanted apps, to alerts that disturb one repeatedly. walks you through the process of turning push notifications on iOS on and off.

No longer every push notification is a pain in the neck. Once in a while, some of them impart useful information, just like the availability of a brand new updated model of the app for download. Yet at other times, they can be very traumatic, in particular, when, as signals, they pop up in the middle of the screen and interrupt the app that is jogging.

Opposite to popular perception, however, push notifications do No longer extensively make a contribution to battery drain or Net statistics overuse. Of path, this is with some exceptions (as an instance, push notifications from immediate messaging apps). Nonetheless, a majority of them use these resources to a minimal and might prove to be a powerful medium of verbal exchange among app developers and purchasers. But then again, push notifications can also be misused to send barrages of undesirable commercials, making it completely comprehensible why one would need to disable them.

Sadly, there may be no characteristic on iPhones and iPads that enable one to blanket-ban push notifications. Alternatively, one has to disable them for my part for the different apps that hire them. But from another perspective, it is a good element due to the fact customers can block the disturbing signals that a sport sends them each time a person in their community beats their excessive rating, But on the equal time, they need Now not sacrifice being immediately notified approximately a pressing SMS or instant message.

We have put together a mini guide to help you disable push notifications for your iOS device, the method for which differs based totally on the model of iOS that you are using.

Disabling Push Notifications In iPhones and iPads

Push notifications can be sent by way of apps designed for, and running on iOS 3 and above. One of the groundbreaking functions of iOS 5 turned into the Notifications Middle, an area where users may want to access all the notifications they obtained from various apps (inclusive of overlooked and/or disregarded ones), as well as tweak their settings from a single, handy area.

Here are easy methods to turn off push notifications on any Apple tool.

** Observe: The manner to turn push notifications lower back on is the exact opposite of turning it off.
Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
Faucet on Notifications, which is located within the second block from the pinnacle within the list of settings to be had. If you are the usage of an iPad, it is positioned on the left of the display screen.
In any version of iOS preceding iOS 5, navigating to Notifications settings opens a listing of apps that ship push notifications, and the type of notifications they ship. Above this listing, the Notifications swipe button lets you disable all notifications entirely.
In iOS five and 6, beginning Notifications settings shows two lists: (i) those apps that display their notifications inside the Notifications Middle, and (ii) of apps that do not. In conjunction with the names, the sort of notification despatched by using the app is also displayed.
Tapping on any indexed app will take you to a web page wherein you can specify the notification kind (None, Alert, or Banner). you can, in addition, determine whether or not you need the app icon to show notifications like a badge, and also alternate the sound accompanying the notification. A swipe transfer allows users to without problems dispose of (or upload) apps from/to Notifications Center.

On gadgets strolling iOS 6, you can operate your telephone within the Do Not Disturb mode, wherein push notifications will be absolutely disabled while your cellphone is locked. The disadvantage is that moreover, all of your incoming call alerts, and in popular, another sound alert from your smartphone can also be silenced. you may additionally temporarily use Do Not Disturb for a set, constrained quantity of time.

The Do Not Disturb feature may be toggled on and rancid with the assist of a swipe button inside the Settings app. Aside from this, If you navigate to Notifications settings, you will find a hyperlink to the Do No longer Disturb web page proper on the pinnacle.

In iOS 7, the whole UI was given an entire makeover, together with redecorate of the Notifications Middle, Now not to say a number of latest functions. One among them turned into that Other than informing users approximately new SMS messages, instant messages, or emails as push notifications, a preview of their contents became also displayed. If you wish to disable all notifications due to the fact you are bothered specifically by way of this selection, you need Now not worry because it could be independently became off.
Open Notifications Middle within the Settings app on your iOS 7 device. Scroll down within the listing of apps until you find Messages. inside the web page that opens while you Faucet it, you will find swipe buttons classified Display on Lock display screen and Display Preview. by way of switching each of them off, you can defend your privacy.

Every now and then push notifications will have a totally exceptional meaning. A good example of this is the notification acquired on one’s phone within the event of incoming email. To facilitate this, an alert regarding any unread electronic mail wishes to be “pushed” to 1’s iPhone or iPad from the email server, in preference to being “fetched” handiest at the time that the app is asked to test for brand new electronic mail. The two forms of push notifications are quite confusable, and to your try to disable all push notifications, you can mistakenly modify your email app’s records retrieval mode to Fetch rather than Push.
To rectify this, Faucet Mail, Contacts, Calendars inside the Settings app. change the setting for Fetch New information from None, or Fetch, to Push.

The first-rate manner to keep away from pointless push notifications, truly, is to answer in terrible when asked whether you would like to acquire any for the corresponding app, whilst induced at the time of set up. This trivial oversight will burden you with the assignment of manually, personally switching off push notifications.

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