The most risky superstar at the net

ONE-TIME pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne has overwhelmed movie star Beyonce at something, however, she might not be completely satisfied with her victory — she’s been named the riskiest superstar... Read more »

Togo has shut down the net to counter anti-authorities protests

Togo is the cutting-edge African state to shut down get entry to the net after protests in opposition to president Faure Gnassingbé were scheduled to take region this week.... Read more »

Cuba’s internet paradox: How controlled and censored

Maribel (now not her actual name) become the deputy primary in a kingdom-run number one school in Cuba. She had worked there due to the fact that graduating and... Read more »

IPhone eight need to resource superfast net speeds

EE already boasts some of the fastest mobile network speeds inside the UK, with massive help from CAT nine gadgets which includes the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 and... Read more »

Gran Turismo sport would require internet Connection

In a post detailing some of the most crucial functions of the sport SCEA Product Manager Ken Chan confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport will require a web connection for... Read more »

Science suffers as China’s internet censors plug holes in splendid Firewall

China is tightening the screws on the net get right of entry to, again. The trendy crackdown—an evolving effort to ban digital personal networks (VPNs) now not under government... Read more »

BLAME TAYLOR speedy’S NEW song on the internet

FROM THE VERY starting, Taylor Swift’s songs were all about us. Her self-titled debut album, launched in 2006, become bolstered through a couple of heat-blooded singles—the sprightly “Our Song”... Read more »

Entrepreneurs and college students

China’s marketing campaign to stamp out technology that lets in web surfers to avoid its internet filters is disrupting work and look at for entrepreneurs, scientists, and students, in... Read more »

The today’s: maximum net service out to Dominica

Akamai Technologies says it sees small spikes of pastime, but a ways much less than regular on Tuesday. The enterprise says it is feasible that the island’s electric device... Read more »

Is Trump proper about cutting off the net

As is often the case after a terrorist attack, President Donald Trump quick took to Twitter after Friday’s explosion on the London Underground that injured extra than 20 people.... Read more »