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Anywho, I recollect while we used to journey freely anywhere in America earlier than September 11; you may simply stroll in any airport in the US, get your airline rate price ticket and walk to any boarding gate without being scrutinized and restrained. But because 9/11, subjects have changed for the more serious and it will in no way be the equal and I can most effective consider how it’ll be even 10 years from now and past.


In most important cities, video digital camera is on almost every corner, law enforcement officials and securities are constantly monitoring all people’s movement, constantly being watched, continuously being surveillance, and whatever and the whole thing you do in public locations is being recorded. Is that the liberty we usually talk approximately?

So, what’s a freedom, without truly being free? This all strikes a chord in my memory when we had been growing up in Namibia below the South African apartheid authorities. But that turns into hell on earth, which might in no manner and will in no way be as compared to any dwelling circumstance of mankind, anywhere. We had a strict curfew, in rural areas, we were not permitted to move around outdoor our houses each time before 7:00 AM or after 7:00 PM or in advance than the solar rises or after the solar units.

I certainly wonder if most people actually recognize or are even aware of what it became truly like living in Namibia and or South Africa at some point of the apartheid generation, or possibly they simplest recognize approximately comrade Nelson Mandela’s freedom from jail?

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It became worse than what most of the people surely recognize. Most human beings, especially within the U.S., Don’t truly recognize exactly how it became, due to the fact only a few books were in truth written approximately Namibia’s real dwelling situation beneath the South African apartheid gadget which has reached the mainstream outdoor Namibia. Most people realise about the South African struggle towards apartheid, because Mandela and others have written lots of informative articles and books once they have been imprisoned and there’re many movies and books that have been released and posted approximately the South African apartheid machine which incorporates the film Sarafina, Cry; My Beloved Country, and so forth.


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But the identical South African apartheid authorities has ruthlessly ruled Namibia for the reason that 1960’s till March 1990. We in Namibia and South Africa then, had the same ruthless PW Botha, as Prime Minister and Executive State President and in some time F.W. De Klerk. We both lived in infamy, the black residents of South Africa and Namibia, then South West Africa.

Being or Been

But, fast, I will launch my vehicle-biography 1.Zero, and I will detail the entirety in it that I understand and function revel in. There’re many brave ladies and men, especially my mom, in Namibia, my loving and difficult-running mom, Leticia Jacob, the most effective daughter of Jacob Haimbili, son of King Haimbili ya-Hauf Iku, and most ladies and men in Namibia and South Africa who’ve silently however aggressively fought in opposition to the South African apartheid machine with the aid of using secretively however gracelessly and bravely supported their little children, the SWAPO and ANC freedom opponents, who relentlessly fought and in the long run in part added about Namibia and South Africa to be freed from the ruthless bondage of the South African apartheid government.

Specifically, my mother, if she becomes somewhere else, like proper here within the U.S., then many books will be written approximately her heroism. She has risked and sacrificed her very personal life and our lives, as her children, for the sake of supporting and saving a whole lot of SWAPO freedom opponents.


In the late 70’s and till the late eighty’s, our house at Omunkete, inside the north of Namibia had once been the tremendous for SWAPO freedom opponents. When they might be anywhere, someplace else, either in Angola or other additives of Namibia, and inside the event that they advised each other that they have been going to meet in Uukwambi, then they mechanically knew exactly, without being precise, wherein they were going to satisfy, and that is probably at our residence.

Many Namibian businessmen collectively with Frans Aupa Iindongo, Akumbe, and many others ought to come to our house in particular on weekends with the assist of my adorable and brave sister, Jenica, now in Luderitz, to host and have activities for the SWAPO freedom fighters at our residence.

One of the exceptional examples of my mom’s unspoken heroism turned into; at the same time as one morning in spherical 1984, we were all operating on our farm, I expect it turned into at around 10 AM. The night time earlier than, a number of SWAPO freedom opponents, led through manner in their group chief, Hamunyela, no, now not the Kakunya corporation, had certainly had a dinner-birthday party at our house, and that morning even as they have been just sitting around about five miles away from our house, beneath a thick and massive tree within the wooded vicinity, that they’d actually had breakfast brought to them thru a person as that come to be the custom for the majority to care and feed freedom opponents, but in mystery, because if South African army determined out which you feed or take care of them, then they might come and get you and you will by no means be discovered all over again or heard approximately what had befallen to you. Many humans had long past missing due to that, so everything becomes finished in a quiet whisper of the silence.

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Anyway, they had virtually completed eating their breakfast after they had been all of sudden surrounded and attacked with the aid of the South African Koevoet, the ruthless and merciless arm of the South African Military Forces. Hamunyela and Company, five of them, it turns into generally the technique that when someone introduced them food that no longer all of them would possibly consume at the identical time, in case a few thing like what had ultimately and alas passed off to them might probably manifest. So 4 of them ate the breakfast and one failed too. But that breakfast became one manner or the opposite can be toppled with something due to the fact when they had eaten it, they just fell asleep and have become virtually week, all 4 of them, and while the Koevoet attacked them, which we believed that they were tipped off approximately their region thru the same detail that poisoned them, so when they have been attacked, they couldn’t even combat or run, they simply laid around, clearly helpless, and were shot dead with the useful resource of the Koevoet.

As we have been busy operating in our field that morning, the first issue we heard was a hissing of bullets flying above our heads, and we, my mother and my two younger brothers, Sackey and Thomas, definitely ducked on the ground so we might no longer get hit through using masses of the stray bullets.

A few minutes later, as we laid on the ground frightened, silently calling and checking on each one-of-a-kind, you could not pay attention a few thing else except the thunders and explosions of guns firing, and as we regarded up, we observed one of the 5 SWAPO freedom fighters, and we right away identified him, coming and strolling suddenly toward our house, walking far away from the Spartans of the Koevoet’s bullets.

He had nowhere else to move hide, he best knew one place to head, and that becomes our residence, he did not receive as genuine with all people else, but my mother. And under the heavy rain of flying bullets, my mother crawled and went after him within the residence, and she or he whisked him outside of the residence and hid him in her underground clay-pot making room, certainly behind our house, in which she, like many most women in Namibia used to make clay pots, and she blanketed up the doorway with a small antique mat, so in case you didn’t realise that there’s an underground shed there, then you certainly might not discover it or even determined that there can be some factor below.


A brief at the same time as later, masses of Koevoet infantrymen, 8 Caspirs, got here thundering within the course of our house, tracing his footsteps, on the same time as dragging the naked and dead bodies of the opposite 4 SWAPO freedom opponents on the pinnacle of the Caspers.

They used to do that to try and disgrace them and discourage the general public from assisting them. Anyway, they observed his footsteps proper internal our residence, and as they regarded around, everywhere inside the residence, however, they couldn’t find him or something and they did not find his footsteps going outside of the house. It will become like he had disappeared certainly away from the face of the earth, he becomes nowhere to be observed and no footsteps everywhere inside the environment of our house, like he has long past out.

They came returned in the place and pushed us around, screaming, pushing and butting us round, and beating us with their guns, slamming my mother and I onto the ground, pointing their guns in our mouths, threatening to shoot and kill us if we wouldn’t inform them wherein that Oshikulo (the liberty fighter) had went, but we would now not inform them, no matter how loud they screamed at us, regardless of how frightening they made us sense, we simply saved quiet, however we could not mislead them that we didn’t see him, due to the reality we knew that they have been following his footsteps, so we know them that we saw him strolling passing by the usage of our residence, however, we failed to see wherein he went, because we laid on the ground, dodging their bullets.

They couldn’t bear in mind us, so they drove their horrifying military trucks, Caspers, thru our residence, and absolutely trashed the whole lot in it, they smashed and ran over our house and truly destroyed everything in it, our food and our clothes, to the ground, and when they stopped, there has been nothing left standing, but, we might not tell them in which he will become, we, in reality, stored quietly.

They swarmed our complete place, our complete village, looking for that one Oshikulo who had escaped, however, they didn’t discover him, because of the reality we failed to inform them anything. They looked around for the complete day, and they eventually left afterward within the midnight.

My mom saved him hidden in that underground area for three days. Only her and I knew that he have become there and handiest the 2 oldsters took him food and water to drink, but only at night time when it have become absolutely dark. My more youthful brothers and little sister, Magano, had been too more youthful, so we could not inform them something in case the Koevoet scared them and they will talk.

And after 3 days, whilst it became completely calm and quiet, and most effective whilst we knew that the Koevoet had absolutely left and it turns into then relaxed, my mother then permits him out, gave him meals and water to scrub up and he then left. He and a new organization got here lower back some months later simply to thank my mom.

Namibia won independence from the South African apartheid government on March 21, 1990, but that independence came at the high and bloody prize. I don’t forget my mother as a hero, due to the fact what she did, no longer first-class for that one precise day while she truly saved and rescued that one freedom fighter from the loss of lifestyles tooth of the Koevoet, however on many several activities for decades, in advance then and after that, principal up to the Namibia’s fashionable election in 1989, is impossible. She has finished a lot and has unimaginably contributed to the independence of Namibia, much like many different ladies and men in Namibia.

She’s the actual hero and I will usually and all the time be satisfied together with her, although she has by no means been even privately or publicly identified with the aid of the Namibian government or any employer as a hero, to me and lots of males and females, SWAPO freedom fighters, like my buddy, Ignatius, who modified into one of the SWAPO freedom opponents whom my mom used to attend to and assist realize that she’s a brave and robust female. But then again, there’re loads and hundreds of men and women in Namibia, similar to my mom, who did precisely or more than what my mother did. But most people humans all had been in a single spirit, in one group spirit, even though we have been silenced, every person spoke in a single unstated however loud voice that we had been not going to be quiet, that we have been going to fight for our freedom, we have been all poised to manual our brothers and sisters, pals and friends, cousins and nephews who were accessible, fighting for our freedom, our life, our God’s given human rights, for the independence of our Namibia.

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