The Value of the Present of Lifestyles

We truly by no means understand while wherein or how our soul will pick to go away the bodily shape that houses it. In any given moment you may simply stop respiratory. This is not to create fear in you; it’s miles to evoke focus in you.


it’s far crucial to realize all those desires or plans you still delay for one cause or any other; are honestly take away due to the fact you have not but realized the whole Fee of the Gift of your lifestyler.

You hesitate because you worry the unknown and/otherwise you do not, in reality, agree with you deserve any better.

Whilst you are in fear of the unknown you spend some distance an excessive amount of time worrying an assured outcome before you may make any commitment to head anywhere or do any factor that exceeds the boundaries of your comfort region.

You will be hesitating, in spite of telling yourself how lots you like and adore you; because deep inside you virtually don’t believe you’re worthy of experiencing whatever higher or extra than what you have already.

The trouble is; When you put off your desires or plans irrespective of which underlying wrongdoer is ruling your Life, the concern of the unknown and/or the wrong notion of unworthiness; you aren’t valuing the Gift of your Existence. you’ll come to be only experiencing stupid lifestylerin place of fully enjoying a colorful, jubilant lifestyler!

notwithstanding all your rational, you’re doing not anything extra than risking in no way understanding any of your dreams or plans at all.

The Value of the Gift of Existence is the liberty to be you at any given moment. it is the liberation to fully express the adventurous child inside you, who is completely and completely divinely supported by way of God respiratory via you and the Goddess pulsing on your coronary heart.

it’s far the obligation of every folk to be inclined to remember the fact that this divine triangle resides inside us and thusly figuring out, acknowledging and enacting the Cost of the Gift of Existence via allowing self the liberty of expression. permitting yourself the liberty to specific the fact of you helps the preciousness of who you definitely are while honoring your Existence with the Cost it deserves.


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far too often we genuinely simplest survive, hiding our fears of self-loving expression at the back of explanation. Our good judgment is most often packed with the “later” in preference to the now. We convince ourselves we have masses of time thinking we will get to it finally.

We convince ourselves while we have more time, extra cash, and/or greater companionship; is while we will do it, whatever it is. There always appears to be some component or a few one that wishes to return first earlier than we permit ourselves to proceed.

we’ve got all heard the memories about the guy or gal who waited all of their lives to take the holiday and passed off a coronary heart assault days or weeks following their retirement. Or those that could not spend an extra dime at some stage in their lives and both do not stay lengthy enough to revel in it or has to spend it on some disease of the antique.

There also are many who wait on some other before we are brave enough to transport forward. How commonly have you heard a friend, a relative and or yourself whinge which you cannot, in reality, be themselves until an appropriate time arises?

You use excuses like they’re not geared up to hear it, or I would hurt their emotions if I do such in such. it’s miles in no way about whether or not they’re ready to hear it; it’s miles constantly approximately whether or not you are brave enough to mention it or do it.

Conserving lower back at the same time as you anticipate better or more perfect conditions is likened to putting the cart earlier than the horse. In doing so, you will never get anywhere, because the pony without a doubt can not get the cart and the cart is not budging without the horse to lead it.

you’re engaged in the frightened conduct of creating excuses for what you’re afraid to mention or do. You interact in this bad stagnating behavior because you surely worry some personal loss will occur as a result of your selections.

Then you definitely hold to stay in worry and stagnate due to the fact you have not but realized the Cost of the Gift of your Life. You could even entertain fears of loss of life if you proceed to comply with your goals or plans and use this as your rational to do or enjoy not anything more than what you are doing now.

What you want to invite yourself is that this. Might you rather stay a long depressing Existence, imprisoned by using your worry or Would you as a substitute live even for only a few more moments in total love and peace of mind expressing what brings you joy?

Why no longer live in a place of simply live to tell the tale, no matter how long or short it is able to be. Why now not have an amazing Existence in preference to just absorb area?

Even though I were on my so-known as spiritual direction for more than two decades, my personal awakening to the Value of the Present of Life became not always gentle. In July of 2004, my thirty-two-year vintage son unexpectedly passed over; because of a hit and run coincidence. His bodily presence becomes long past in an absolute on the spot.

whether or not you are presently conscious or not; you’re meant to awaken to and the Price of the Present of your Existence. It’s going to a long way better serve you to consciousness at the preciousness of your breath and the pulsing of your heart; which can be steady reminders of the Value of your Existence. This is when you will completely comprehend you are a soul encased in a bodily shape and also you have been also given the Gift of free will and loose choice to have more than one reviews in your own unique manner.

To regularly we recklessly toss the preciousness of our lives apart, in pursuit of some perceived duty. when we “shelf the self” we dishonor the divinity we are. We add insult to damage and continue to wound and harm our blessed divinity and oppress our magnificence. whilst we select strife over Life, attractive in the what if and, butt or need to, we’re sincerely succumbing to fear instead of selecting to stay in love.

This compromise of self continuously applied results within the lack of the feeling of our soul stuffed spirits and we end up just present, similar to the strolling dead.

As soon as the soul stuffed spirit is silenced, we lose connection to our Supply and we move into a self-imposed mental and emotional jail of betrayal and abandonment that best maintains to perpetuate fear.

we are scared of moving into the next second, for no different motives than fearing the unknown or believing we’re less than deserving. We pick out distress again and again virtually because it’s far regarded and although painful; it’s also perceived as at ease.

Then we’re stuck in a hell where we can best consciousness on survival alternatively where we mentally and emotionally torture ourselves via reviewing our beyond in fearful trepidation of recreating it or projecting into the destiny, which does now not yet exist.


We continually have interaction in this unhealthy, unloving ego serving behavior, instead of appreciating and value the Present of lifestyler.

The Price of the Present of Existence is; now not simply believing, however knowing you’re love, loving, adorable and loved. This knowingness frees you to stay your lifestylerto the fullest. knowing, accepting and implementing the Price of the Gift of lifestyler allows you to be courageous enough to talk the reality out loud and then observe that heartfelt truth with proper motion, notwithstanding and in mild of any perceived losses.

This is the most effective loving and honorable manner to Value the Present of Life; this is ways extra treasured than any residence, automobile, activity or dating outside of self. There’s no extra worthwhile journey you may ever embark upon.

When you permit yourself to Fee the Gift of lifestyler, Then you definitely by instance supply license to all others to do the equal; not that they require your permission, nor do you need theirs. Others will certainly locate their courage in looking at your a hit change and be willing to do the same.

To Cost, your Life is to stay in truth and to love self without emotional and mental attachment to what changed into and without worry of any bad results being created inside the future to return.

it’s miles to boldly pass forward each day directed by way of your coronary heart, perceiving with joy, every revel in alongside the journey; due to the fact you recognize it’s far about the journey, now not the outcome.

it is a way to an appearance in the replicate every morning absolutely knowing There’s no threat of the perceived unpleasantly of war of words and responsibility from another in anger, unhappiness or unhappiness of you; due to the fact you’ve got selected to honor all via living in the truth of self-love.

To honor the Gift of your Existence is to live each treasured second within the country of love. To be in love is to stay in fact by using confronting our inner demons of worry and embracing them with love. Once you embark on this adventure there’ll now not be the necessity for the outside messenger to come back alongside to uncomfortably reflect again your lack of integrity.

To live the Cost of the Present of lifestyler through being in integrity with the fact of self is to stroll effortlessly, respiratory freely thru Life due to the fact within us resides a courageous coronary heart this is pulsing with power in its excitement as each moment unfolds.

The heart that sings a music of with a bit of luck understanding, that irrespective of what, you’re honorable and may be capable of accepting as true with yourself to cope with anything you come upon with love.

The brave coronary heart is where the kid of us is living. the child who playfully bounces thru Existence without insult, injury or damage to others as it will now not inflict insult, harm or harm through ignoring or denying itself.

the child who’s propelled ahead with the rate of joy, now not frightened of expectations from and/or duties to everyone, the child who is aware of the most effective genuine obligation is the ‘capacity to respond’ to “unto thy personal self-be authentic”.

The brave infant who is unafraid to live, and unafraid to like and who’s in particular unafraid to be his or her real love. This baby respects his or her Present of Existence via being their real self in any given second of the adventure.

This infant knows the way to play joyfully; as this child laughs freely and this child isn’t always fearful of its vulnerability because this child is innocent of any individual’s projection of wrongdoing!

It knows inside the Present of Existence There may be additionally the Gift of loose will and loose preference.

This is the kid who values his or her Existence, as it’s far the kind of internal light. it’s miles the child of love; conceived and birthed thru the understanding of the God mixed with the splendor and charm of the Goddess.

This infant is aware of she or he is that this and more due to the fact this toddler additionally knows she or he is manufactured from pure love!

This child knows past a shadow of a doubt that she or he want no longer guard itself from love. the child knows that love itself is the defend. he or she is aware of love is the very best vibration and not anything can touch it other than love.

This child is aware of past a shadow of a doubt that she or he is the usually increasing expressive magnificence of all There is and the world is its creative playground.

This child walks in marvel and awe, Even though the kid may be walking thru the shadow of death (the ego), she or he fears no evil; due to the fact she or he absolutely knows a way to reverse the destructive results of “evil” by using deciding on to “live”!

That is the kid who knows the Cost of the Present of Life and lives thru joy and “in the kingdom of affection”, instead of “in fear”!

you are this child and to permit this baby its freedom of expression; is to Value the Present of lifestyler.

Include the child and all other aspects of self. Do now not await anything to happen first earlier than you could be you. you can jump on the wings of freedom where you’re unafraid to stay, unafraid to love and unafraid to express your plain lust for the preciousness of the Gift of the lifestyler that has been bestowed upon you.

realize, understand and activate the Cost of the Gift of your lifestyler, irrespective of what the final results!

It’s time to discard the vintage conduct of ducking and dodging your goals or plans, because of denying some thing inside you that brings you pleasure. It is time to stand within the mild of the God/Goddess I am and to be unafraid to know the reality, communicate the reality and be the reality so that it will let you emerge from merely surviving darkness into the light of the living.

The Gift of Life resides in realizing, acknowledging and enacting the preciousness of your each breath; that allows your heart to conquer and sing its tune.

What tune will your heart carry?

One that is bothersome and demanding to self and all others; packed with notes of complaining and dissatisfaction or one this is first-rate and clean upon your ears, as well as nurturing for the hearts of all others?

You honor the Present of lifestyler , the Fee, and preciousness of your very breath via first knowing and being you in any given second. knowing and being a self is loving self and loving self-allows you to Price your Lifestyles.

You are not right here in the world actually to take in the area and come across damaging people and/or situations. These detrimental situations you created to definitely recognize that you are mind-blowing divinity encased inside a beautiful form that lets you to revel in the love of you through the wondrous senses of the physical frame.

To Value the Present of lifestyler is to have the opportunity to be whom you’re, to apply your better attention to select love over fear; notwithstanding the phantasm of density, as every and each moment we live so dangerously near the edge of the loss of Existence.

you are supposed to rouse to and Price the Present of the preciousness of your breath this is the very reminder that you are an impressive divine being having the possibility to explicit the love you’re thru the enlargement of the human experience on this planet.

The Now…gift moment is continuously available so we might also surely recognize that every and each second is meant to stay in the loving of self with out expectation and/or attachment to the final results.

Loving self is being brave enough to no longer only talk your reality out loud however then to BE the fact of you through following that reality with right action, in spite of and in mild of any perceived losses. This is the most effective loving and honorable way to be aware of and in gratitude for your very existence.

Your Existence is most precious and extra treasured than you may consider. the journey of your Life is to be embarked upon with the utmost recognition coupled with the attention that in any given second You can quit existing inside the bodily.

This isn’t always about fear, That is about aware dwelling so you realize and stay your fullest potential of the loving light you are. To do that for self is to be a living example for all others as you display a know-how and reverence for the Present of the lifestyler that changed into given to you.


To actually make use of your Present is to be who you without a doubt are, by way of residing your fact and being a complete expression of affection without worry of any negative outcomes. it’s far to move ahead each day, perceiving with pleasure, each experience alongside the adventure. To know that each experience is a gift lovingly supplied with the intention to fully realize the soul of you.

To Cost, the Gift of Life is to live in truth knowing you have spent the preciousness of each and every moment in love and tasty in most effective those activities that deliver you pleasure. To comprehend the Gift of Existence in each and each moment is to be courageous, to confront our internal demons and Include them with love in order that the ego, the fearful factor of self-does no longer impede or hinder our glad expression.

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About the Author: Kathryn J. Riddell