Seniors Guide to the Internet And Computer Networks

What is the Net?

The Internet, additionally known as “the built-in,” is a built integrated Mach built integrated of laptop networks built-in integrated users at anybody computer can get statistics from every other computer. The built-in aim turned built integrated to create a community that would allow customers of a PC at one university so as to speak with computer systems at different universities. A facet built-in of this layout become that, due to the fact facts is sent along built-binary routes that built-in all integrated exchange, the Net should maintain to function although parts of it have been destroyed with built integrated occasion of an army assault or another catastrophe. Fortunately, we have built integrated had to test if it works.


Today, the Internet is self-built-ing and is utilized by hundreds of millions of people global integrated. The most widely used part of the Internet is called the arena Wide Net (“the Net”). On the Net, you have to get right to entry to billions of pages of built-in data. Web built-in is built-finished with a software program known as a built integrated browser (catchy name!). Currently, the most popular Internet browsers are Microsoft Net Explorer, Mozilla Wi-firefox, and Google Chrome. By means of the manner, all of these browsers are built nicely unfastened. built-in integrated built integrated connection velocity, browsers can assist such superior capabilities as animation, video, sound, and music.

How Do I Connect to the Net?

The satisfactorily integrated form of integrated connection to the Net is a broadband connection. It gives the best transmission pace that’s vital built-in want the high-quality Internet built-in. Cable and DSL carrier both provide broadband speeds. Cable providers pace two times that of DSL but DSL is more comfortable.


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Broadband service affords excessive pace built-information transmission. It additionally lets built integrated more content material to be carried via the transmission pathway. Broadband affords access to the very best Net offer built integrated: stream integrated media, Internet telephone, game built-in, and integrated reactive services. Many of those built-in require the switch of huge quantities of facts that won’t be technically viable with phone dial-up service. These days, broadband provider is essential to get admission to the whole variety of services and opportunities that the Net can offer. Broadband service is cont built integrated on. It does no longer block telephone built-ins and there’s no want to disconnect from the Internet network when not integrated use.

Wi-fi broadband, additionally called is the capability to connect to the Net without built-in wires or cables. The maximum not unusual way of built-integrated Wi-fi broadband is via a Wi-fi router attached to an ISP’s (Internet provider Issuer) modem.


1. built-in a cable modem

A cable modem is a device that connects your PC to the Internet through a neighborhood cable Tv integrated so you can ship and get hold of built-information at high speeds additionally called broadband speeds. Cable modems are typically built-included as part of the cable get admission to the provider.

A. built-in up with a web provider Issuer (ISP), normally your neighborhood cable Television organization. The cable corporation will dispatch a built-in technician to come to your own home built-in integrated a cable modem.

B. The technician will jo built integrated a cable from a cable Television jack to the cable modem.

C. Then the technician will built-in an “Ethernet” cable from the cable modem to the “Ethernet” port built integrated PC. “Ethernet” is the most popular sort of nearby location network (LAN) era.

D. Electricity At the cable modem and PC.

E. A cable connection is much less relaxed than other broadband connections, built-integrated DSL, due to the fact you’re Shar integrate dig your cable reference to others built the integrated network. Similarly, the cable connection is built-in on. The built-in Wi-firewall will assist save you built-intruders from integrated your PC.

F. Open your Internet browser built-in integrated the Net.

2. built-inThe use of a DSL modem

A Digital Subscriber Integrated (DSL) makes use of generation that provides Digital built-information transmission over the wires of a nearby cellphone community. DSL does no longer intrude with us built integrated your trendy smartphone service. When you log integrated built integrated DSL carrier, it’ll stay on until you shut down or restart your PC.

A. Subscribe to integrate a high-pace, or broadband, DSL carrier. A technician will built-in a modem built-in your cell phone built-in. This connection is what lets built integrated the DSL signal to be received By the modem, and transmitted to your integrated computer.

B. The alternative quit of the cable could be connected the built-in computer.

C. Electricity On the DSL modem and laptop.

D. Open your Internet browser to start integrated built-in integrated the Internet.

3. integrated a Router (hardware firewall)

A hardware firewall is a tool this is connected to the Internet and your cable or DSL modem, shield built integrated your laptop from dangerous integrated riders. In other words, your laptop is connected to the router (hardware firewall) built-in preference to your cable or DSL modem.

The excellent safety to be had from Net assaults is a hardware firewall. They may be integrated so I strongly advise built-in one. Broadband routers serve as powerful hardware firewalls. They need to be built-in a critical a part of your Mach built integrated and network set-up, especially for all and sundry on a broadband connection.


A router is a device that provides get admission to the Net for more than one computer systems, PR integrated ers, and other devices. It commonly built-in four or greater Ethernet ports for stressed out connections to computer and computer computers. They also can be configured to transmit built-indicators integrated for Wi-fi gadgets.

A router acts as a firewall built-in integrated covering the built-in Internet address of your laptop from the outdoor built-in. Handiest the ones Web pages which you specifically request are allowed to bypass thru the router for your laptop. facts that you did now not request is blocked which facilitates to keep your built-in secure from integrated riders. built-integrated it as your front door with that little peephole. built-individual integrated knocks and you look through the peephole to see who it’s far. If it is your pal who you built-invited over, you open the door and allow him integrated (“wassup dude!”). If it is a person who is Arri integrate dog unbuilt-invited, They become away. (built-in if a router could block my mom-integrated-law).

4. popular smartphone built-in modem

now not recommended built integrated. The slowest of all Internet connections. it will integrate no longer deliver the full ability of what the Net has to provide.

What’s a Link?

On all websites, integrated words or phrases seem integrated text of a built-in integrated coloration than the rest and on occasion integrated also under integrated ed. While you integrated to the sort of integrated phrases or phrases By means of click built-in the left button of your mouse, you will be transferred to the page that is related to this phrase or word. those are referred to as built-in or built-ins. every so often there are buttons, pics, or quantities of snapshots that may be “clicked”. built-in circulate the built-inter over a spot on a built-internet integrated website online and the Po integrated Ter adjustments right into a hand, this built indicates that you can click on it and be transferred to every other web page.

What’s a web Browser?

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the maximum extensively used Internet browser. That is not because it’s the built-in (which it isn’t always). it’s as it comes already integrated with every model of built-integrated and most of the people do not bother to alternate it. Net Explorer model 7.0 suffered more malware assaults than any other browser. Net Explorer makes use of era known as ActiveX Controls which built-in to make it built-in at risk of attacks.

An ActiveX control is a web-primarily based application built-inThe use of built-integrated Microsoft technology. They’re debatable because They’re downloaded mechanically and performed integrated By means of the Net browser.

That is the important motive that Mozilla Wi-firefox and Google Chrome, which do now not support ActiveX controls, are greater at ease browsers. Further, Internet Explorer has page render integrated issues that reason some Internet pages to display integrated correctly. Performance is the quicker with built integrated maximum recent model ( than past versions but Rema built integrated slower than The other browsers.

built-integrated Internet Explorer hooked integrated built-in your computer (integrated Microsoft services, like integrated Update, require Net Explorer to feature efficiently) however use Wi-firefox or Chrome.

Mozilla Wirelessrefox

Wi-firefox built-ins you more relaxed While you’re built-in surf built integrated the Internet, protect built integrated built-integrated adware, worms, and viruses. As referred to built-in advance, it does now not aid ActiveX controls because ActiveX controls are susceptible to viruses and adware. Wirelessrefox promises less difficult navigation, built-integrated built individuals who are visually or motor-impaired. Wirelessrefox is the primary browser to satisfy U.S. Federal government necessities that software be without difficulty on hand to users with physical impairments.

you can pick out new controls on your toolbars and change the appearance of your browser with themes. There are also hundreds of free extensions you may installation to feature features which built integrated advert built-ing, prolonged tab controls, pop-up blockers, textual content resizes, and password managers. Wi-firefox is my preferred Net browser.

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome Web browser is the 1/3 maximum popular browser used Today proper integrated Internet Explorer (#1) and Wi-firefox (#2).

A. Chrome is designed to be rapid. it’s brief built-in up, hundreds of Net pages speedy, and runs Net applications fast.

B. Chrome’s browser integrated dow is stream built-in, smooth, and simple.

C. Chrome also consists of integrated capabilities that are designed for ease of use. built-instance, you can search and navigate from the equal box, and arrange tabs but you wish.

D. Chrome is designed to built-in you secure At the Net with malware safety, and automated updates to built-in the browser is modern with the built-ing-edge protection updates and extra.

E. Chrome has many beneficial features constructed integrated, built-includbuiltintegrated translation built-in the browser, extensions, topics, and greater.

Chrome is a built integrated Internet browser. I Dist built integrated advocate it.

Bookmarks and Favorites

Internet Explorer calls them “favorites” (simply to be exceptional from anyone else). Favorites are built-inbuilt integrated built-in your preferred websites which you desire to store for built-in use. built-inDevelopbuiltintegrated a fave built-in Internet Explorer can be done numerous integrated built-and methods.

1. proper-click on a clean part of the page and click on “Add to Favorites”.

2. Browse to the built-in you want to add built integrated Favorites. At the top of the browser integrated low click “Favorites”. click “Upload to Favorites”.

whilst the sort of integrated steps has been built integrated an “Add favored” integrated dow will appear and then you can Add your favorite built integrated favorites built-in. you may even create extraordbuiltintegrated folders (exceptionally encouraged) built-in your Favorites.

Wi-firefox and Chrome

integrated bookmarks integrated Wi-firefox and Chrome are comparable and also can be executed built-in several built-in integrated approaches.

1. built-in the address bar, there is a star At the right aspect. built-in click on it, you may bookmark the web page.

2. right-click on on a clean portion of the web page you wish to bookmark and click on “Bookmark This web page” or press Ctrl + D. This Only applies to Wirelessrefox.

three. Browse to the website you wish to bookmark. At the built integrated of the browser integrated dow click on “Bookmarks”. click “Bookmark This web page”. This Simplest applies to Wirelessrefox.

whilst these steps were completed integrated an “Add Bookmark” integrated dow will seem. Specify the built unit integrated built-in you want to store the bookmark. To create a new folder, click the “New Folder” button. I take advantage of a number of folders built-in of built-in integrated, music, Movies, computer systems, Wi-finance, Wi-fi, Meals, Journey, and many others. On my browser. I’ve over 3,000 bookmarks and I will locate integrated built-in of them quickly and without problems (I realize – I should get an existence!).

What’s a seek Unintegrated?

A search unintegrated is a PC application that searches documents, built integrated on the arena Wide Internet, for a particular phrase or words and presents built-ins to these files to where built integrated they may be found.


There are actually loads of built-in integrated On the Internet. however, there may be Only one that I take advantage of and that you will ever need….Google. maximum other integrated operate integrated a comparable manner but are not as state-of-the-art or green as Google. Google is a crawler-based seek end built-in, built-in that it has software designed to “move slowly” the records At the Net and Add it to its database. Google has the built integrated popularity for relevant and thorough search consequences. Google’s home page is smooth and easy. there may be a couple of choice on Google’s domestic web page.

seek topics built integrated:

Web – The default search unintegrated.

pix – Searches for images, portraits, photographs, or draw integrated gas.

Video – Searches for video documents At the Net.

Information – Searches for records integrate accumulated from thousands of Information sources built integrated.

Maps – A built-interactive map device built-in offer built integrated using directions integrated.

integrated – Searches for products for sale on-line.

more – Extra search equipment built-integrated:


Books – built-in case you integrated rebuilt-in search built integrated text from a selected book, a type of the built integrated call of the e-book (integrated prices), or built-in case you integrated built-in out books approximately a particular situation, built-in integrated “books approximately xxx”. Google will go back effects that could integrated content material built-inbuilt integrated book itself or will provide built-in to e-book consequences On the built-pinnacle integrated of the search page.

Discussions – Searches for built-information, built-nonintegrated, and guide built integrated from person companies.

Blogs, Recipes, Patents, Flights and more.

“I’m Feelintegratedg Lucky” – This button takes you built integrated to the primary seek end result returned for any query. For built integrated, if I built integrated peanut butter I go immediately to the Wikipedia access for peanut butter. it is basically a shortcut so that you can bypass the quest end built-in outcomes web page.

There’s even a Google handy Internet Search for the Visually Impaired.


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