Mom Blogger Leslie Bruce Tells Us How She Got 49K Followers on Instagram

“Hot mess motherhood professional” is one manner writer and journalist Leslie Bruce chooses to describe herself in her Instagram bio. “Being a mom is a herbal existence occasion, but it doesn’t usually come obviously,” reads one in every one of her prices on her grid. Scroll down some extra and also you’re met together with her “mama milestones” picture—her actual AF takes at the monthly letter board charts that such a lot of moms do (full disclosure: I’m guilty as charged). “I survived my first yr with youngsters,” the words read on her cutting-edge felt board. Like most posts, it has thousands of likes and remarks full of emojis and hand-raising emojis, all in the settlement with Bruce.

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At a time whilst the time period, ‘InstaMom’ may be defined with the aid of the Pinterest-perfects, mommy-and-me matching outfits, and a fairytale-kind take on motherhood, Bruce has got down to exchange the tide, one #momtruth at a time. And she’s gathered a following (to the song of 49K and growing) with the aid of doing simply that: being as real as possible. It’s something she says is missing from many superbly-curated feeds she comes throughout.

“Take the Insta-mom pics with a grain of salt, due to the fact a carefully cropped rectangular leaves the relaxation of someone’s fact out of the frame,” she tells Parade.Com. “It’s clean to look at those cropped squares of perfection and wonder how the hell the ones mamas appear to be maintaining all of it together while we feel like the whole thing is falling apart.”

From the begin, Bruce, who lives in Laguna Beach, Calif., and is a mother to Tallulah, four, and Roman, 1, has built her following displaying her fact. No cropping. No perfection. Just her and her everyday struggles as a mother, figuring it out. “The greater I’ve found out, the more I’ve found out that no longer simplest do I need to narrate to mothers, however, I want to provide them support as properly,” she says. “I need to cheer for them, I need to cry with them, I need to remind them that they’re now not on this road on my own.”

Now together with her upcoming e-book due out on September 10, You Are a F*cking Awesome Mom: So Embrace the Chaos, Get Over the Guilt, and Be True to You, Bruce tells us how showing the coolest, the horrific, and the truly unsightly of motherhood helped her connect and develop with her target audience.
Seeing a hassle

Can Instagram suck? Absolutely—mainly for those moms who had babies anywhere among 2014 and 2017. When I had my daughter, InstaMoms were presenting this wildly unrealistic lens into modern-day motherhood. There are some forms of InstaMoms, however the worst perpetrator—and the most regularly occurring—is the “Unicorn Mom.” She’s the mom with the chunky boho braid who always seems to stumble into the precise lights. Her newborn is constantly sound asleep, preferably in a Moses basket casually protected in clean flower petals or sprigs of lavender. This Unicorn Mom propagates the concept of what motherhood should seem like, not what motherhood genuinely looks like.
Being the distinction

At first glance, I think human beings might count on I’m a regular InstaMom with stunning photographs, however after you read the captions and absorb the content, you comprehend that it’s a lot more. I identified early on that the satisfactory manner to seize an audience turned into to curate an account that changed into aesthetically alluring, however after that, I wanted to interact with them about the realities of being a lady who will become a mom. If you watch my Postpartum Weekly Update series, you’ll realize it’s definitely not all quite.

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