Cuba’s internet paradox: How controlled and censored

Maribel (now not her actual name) become the deputy primary in a kingdom-run number one school in Cuba. She had worked there due to the fact that graduating and had been promoted speedy.

Before she becomes in the long run driven out of her job for her husband’s political activism, that is efficaciously banned in Cuba, her profits became reduced by using half of.

Was the excuse given? She requested her scholars to look up records on the internet for a records lesson. And considered one of them used Wikipedia.

“They (the authorities) say youngsters can’t use Wikipedia because everything in Wikipedia is a lie. (They say) that youngsters have to research what’s in history books, and no longer search for different facts,” she informed us while we met her in Mexico’s border metropolis of Tapachula earlier this year.

According to UNESCO, Cuba has one

Of the maximum knowledgeable populations within the hemisphere. Literacy campaigns have been principal to Cuba’s rules since the revolution, and u. S . A .’s commendable training system keeps advantaging from heavy funding. Yet decades of off-line censorship and the plain preference to retain restricting freedom of expression and get entry to data thru a model of online censorship dangers undermining Cuba’s historic advances in training.
With a constitutional ban on impartial non-public media, Cuba in particular in Latin America. While the independent media scene is remodeling, in keeping with a recent document via the Committee to Protect Journalists, a new era of impartial journalists function in murky prison surroundings and underneath regular danger of arbitrary detentions. They also face main boundaries in getting access to the net. A pioneer of this kind of investigative reporting and informed commentary is 14ymedio, an online impartial day by day.


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14ymedio’s internet site is one of these determined

To be blocked in a record published on 28 August by the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI). Using open source (publically available) software program, OONI has collected network measures from more than 2 hundred countries across the world. Their intention is to accumulate information approximately how net censorship is being carried out and to assess how the networks, or doesn’t work, in any given us of a. OONI’s aim is to growth transparency, and prompt public debates about the legality and ethics of records manage, as opposed to making political tests approximately what they see.

Internet Bill – Are These The Reasons Why Your Bill Is High?


Almost each one folks use the Internet whether or not for amusing or work, usually, we acquire our Internet Bills on a month-to-month foundation.

The usage of Internet is increasing with each passing day. But, at the same time, it is also authentic that our Internet Bills are growing at a ‘quicker’ tempo. In truth, one can also, every now and then, get hold of an Internet Bill which is shockingly excessive and anyways, tons higher than the Bills which she or he has been receiving inside the past. There is frequently no attainable purpose for the Internet Bill to upward thrust so all of sudden in any unique month. Let’s examine a number of the key factors concerned:

1. Websites – Most of the websites that we go to in the regular path are unfastened websites and they don’t fee whatever from the consumer or visitor. However, your net agency does rate you for the actual bandwidth that you use. There are plans wherein you are permitted ‘unlimited’ usage or downloads but these are frequently steeply priced. A huge quantity of people uses Internet plans which allow a given amount of data switch every month. This ought to likely be 60 GB or as low as 20 GB or even as high as a hundred GB or more. This can be understood as something like such a lot of mins being to be had to you on a cell phone every month. Whenever you hit a web page, you use about five KB of your allotted information. As there are 1000000KB in 1GB, you can browse pretty a lot even if you are having a low bandwidth limit Internet plan.

2. Downloading DVDs

In case you intend to download plenty of DVDs, then you could soon exceed your bandwidth restriction as an unmarried DVD ought to absorb to 10 GB, although it’s far probable to be between 1 and 5 GB.

Three. Playing your PlayStation three online – This can use a whole lot of bandwidth.

4. Exceeding the allocated bandwidth – The Internet company will charge you for each greater megabyte used by you.

Bonus: Make certain you perform a little research on other internet services and examine the prices you are deciding to buy the identical utilization.

It might be pertinent to say here that whilst e-mailing your buddies around the sector will not have any fabric effect to your Internet Bill, you need to workout caution with the wireless network carrier in your home by means of defensive it with a password towards any misuse via your buddies.

Difference Between Self-Managed and Self-Directed Teams


Many companies use groups to assist improve fine, work processes, or customer support. When an organization is starting the group-building adventure, the leaders need to apprehend what form of team they need to end up using the most inside the agency. Although many use the phrases self-controlled and self-directed interchangeably for groups, there are differences in how the teams are used and function. Listed are traits of the two varieties of the team to take into account when growing paintings groups in a company.

Characteristics of a self-controlled team

The team gets goals from leadership and determines how to perform their goals.
Builds worker commitment and will increase morale.
Team contributors ought to get the education in protecting meetings, hassle fixing, assignment planning, and team skills.
Team designs process tactics and decide their paintings procedures and assignments.
Although little supervision is required, this could be time ingesting for leader because the team development and direction may additionally want to be monitored.
Requires open verbal exchange from management on business enterprise dreams and objectives.

The team can increase purchaser pleasure

Through higher reaction time in getting paintings accomplished or solutions to troubles.
Characteristics of a self-directed group
The team determines own goals and determines how to nice to accomplish them.
Creates the environment of high innovation, commitment, and motivation in team participants.
Team individuals want the additional education in choice making, resolving conflicts, and advanced hassle solving techniques.
Can be excessive price due to the fact it is time ingesting to construct group and struggle will arise.
Less time consuming for the leader, however, is harder to track progress and confirm crew is going in the accurate direction.
Requires a gadget that provides two-manner communique of company method among leaders and their groups.
Teams can lessen cycle time due to the fact they clear up any paintings troubles as they arise and make informed choices on the way to proceed.
In reviewing the traits of self-managed and self-directed groups, the differences in how the teams can also operate and which may additionally excellent be used in a particular corporation or scenario may be less complicated for management to apprehend. With this know-how, organizations looking to apply groups to assist improve great, work techniques, or customer service may also get a higher idea a way to decide which type of team may also quality fits their state of affairs and favored results.

Shirley Fine Lee, writer of “R.A!R.A!

A Meeting Wizard’s Approach”, has worked as a training and improvement expert given that 1986, and an impartial consultant due to the fact that 2000. She has giant enjoy, helping companies with their team building, training development, assembly facilitation, presentation transport, and other communique needs. This work involves developing productiveness tools, presenting workshops, and writing. For example, she has authored several training manuals and publications, on a wide type of topics. Her applications consist of time control, getting prepared, trouble fixing, and team constructing. Find out extra approximately her and alternatives she provides on her internet site.

Iran’s Recent Attempt to Censor the Internet



Over the beyond the month, Iran’s civil unrest in Tehran and other cities drew the highlight closer as the arena watched some other instance of the power of the Internet. From the onset of public demonstrations in reaction to the current re-election of President Ahmadinejad, the authorities of Iran attempted to censor media coverage, going to the extremes to include ordering the information media to stay in their lodge rooms and censorship of the Internet. Hundreds of hundreds of people took to the streets in Iran in protest. The best insurance of this historic occasion become what the residents of Iran could disseminate via the Internet.

Although the government of Iran has bragged approximately their Internet filtering skills, their attempts had been of little effect as the arena watched events spread on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Hundreds of videos and photographs had been uploaded on websites. Major information companies had been basing their memories on nonetheless photographs and textual content messages they received from the Internet, from those collaborating inside the uprising. The global was at awe at now not most effective the chutzpah of the residents of Iran, but how a great deal of a pivotal function the Internet played in getting the phrase out, regardless of the Iranian government’s try and censor the media.

Internet filtering is not anything new.

Like checkpoints at border crossings, nations can area ‘checkpoints’ or filters on servers (that they manipulate), that cope with inbound and outbound site visitors to their use of a. These filters search for key phrases, that if detected can be logged and/or save you that traffic from persevering with its journey to the recipient. The origination of that keyword can then be traced back to the computer that becomes used to type in that keyword. Certain international locations, like Iran and China, use this capability to perceive and punish the one’s folks that they deem a danger to society. In essence, censorship with a price.


The internet is a big area, and navigating it is able to be daunting. Try out our pinnacle hints for now not getting lost in cyber-space.

1. Use net engines like google

Internet search engines like google are amongst the most beneficial equipment at your disposal for finding data online, so use them. Rather than guessing the overall addresses of websites, in reality, type the records into a search engine inclusive of Google or Bing. Not best will this lead you to the statistics that you require, it’s going to also broaden you’re seeking to consist of other applicable sites.

2. Bookmark pages

Found a top notch web page the opposite day? Can’t take into account the URL now? Always bookmark websites which you discover exciting. Bookmarking creates an on hand little shortcut for your toolbar to help you return to the website of interest with just a click of the mouse.

Different browsers have one-of-a-kind ways of bookmarking pages, but they’re all normally accessed close to the pinnacle of your browser. If you’re the use of Internet Explorer, look for the Favourites menu, in case you’re the usage of Chrome or Firefox look for the famous person symbol by way of the cope with bar. An easy click will do the rest. Alternatively, urgent CTRL and D on your keyboard will convey up the bookmark menu whichever browser you’re using.

That is one of the motives that nameless surfing via using proxy servers is essential to the efforts of those preventing censorship oppression. A powerful anonymous surfing utility will encrypt your Internet visitors, so the Internet filters can’t become aware of key phrases, as well as redirect you to a proxy server, which masks your IP Address – in essence, protecting your identity

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