3 Must-Have Restaurant Technologies

From the kitchen to the dining area, technology is significantly revolutionizing the way restaurateurs go about their business. The introduction of these technologies has been largely orchestrated by the need to enforce operational efficiency within the sector while giving you, the business owner, an opportunity to run your restaurant successfully. Among the key technological advances that are making a difference in restaurants includes point of sale systems, kitchen display system, and automated customer service systems.

Point of sale system

Point of sale systems for restaurants come equipped with vital features that give you an easy time, both in the front of the house management and the back of the house management. Standard POS systems allow you to manage table reservation for your customers, manage the inventory in your kitchen, manage your employees well, and keep a keen eye on ingredients and stock in the kitchen while also giving you an opportunity to visualize how your restaurant is performing financially.

The POS system comes equipped with features to enhance functionality in the kitchen including a large display monitor which is touch-enabled. The software also allows you to manage input while on-the-go using small mobile gadgets with wireless connectivity to make the main POS terminal. This gives you an easy time as a manager as you can remotely visualize how your restaurant is performing while also enabling your waiters to key-in customers’ orders on the mobile gadget without having to queue on the main POS computer. When appropriately utilized in your restaurant, a POS system would help you digitize your operations while eliminating the need for paperwork.

Kitchen display system

The Kitchen Display System is a computerized platform that coordinates activities within the kitchen including mediating the functions of the kitchen staff and the front of the house staff. The KDS does, among other functions, display an electronic list of all customers’ orders and classify them into the individual tables. The system is designed to give cooks an opportunity to prepare each table’s meals, drinks, and courses together in order to give the diners an exceptional experience.

Using this system in your kitchen will also give you an opportunity to have your chefs pace each meal by cooking food for the right period of time. This level of coordination in the kitchen ensures that the kitchen department can save on time while delivering meals while they are still piping hot and fresh.

In addition, the KDS also coordinates recipes, the food preparation procedures, and helps you manage the quality control process in your kitchen to give your customers and exceptional service. With the KDS system in your kitchen, you can be sure that nothing will ever go wrong in regard to quality of food and quality of service; both at the front of the house and at the back of the house.

Automated customer service systems

The last important tech tool that you can’t afford to run a restaurant successfully without is the Automated Customer Service System. This integrated customer service module is contained on a table-mounted tablet which displays, among other things, the restaurant’s menu. Customers get an opportunity to digitally scroll through the available menu among other features including access to free Wi-Fi that they can utilize to keep them busy as they wait for their meals. The system is also integrated with the POS system where customers can sometimes dial-in their orders, thereby being transmitted directly to the Kitchen Display System.

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